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Ales sur Tech

5 km from Mas di Luna, the village of Arles sur
Tech is famous for its Medieval Festivals and its
Benedictine abbey. In the shades of the old Gothic
cloister you will find the "Saint Tomb". It still is a
mystery for the scientists who cannot explain from
where comes the water which periodically fills it.

Collioure: the path of Fauvism

In May 1905 Matisse and Derain discovered
Collioure - this is the point of birth of Fauvism.
Today Collioure remains a town of artists.

The world's canyons are only 2 km away.
It takes 20km to go to Céret, it was the town of
Picasso, Matisse and Chagal. You will find the
Museum of Moden Art and a lovely atmosphere in
this charming town.
Et...le musée Salvador Dali à 50 km en Espagne à
Figueras, à ne pas manquer.
We will be happy to give you advice, you can chose to go hiking, to go
bathing in the river and  in the sea, visit the charming villages and their
museums and markets...
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